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“Creating something with my hands that expresses my pure heart and soul.”

My story

The start
Joyce Groen is a Dutch fine artist, currently living in the vibrant capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. She was born in the Netherlands and commuted between places such as Miami, Cape town, New York, Barcelona, and Sydney. Besides these cities she also lived and traveled in other beautiful places for her work as a model and for pleasure. During these special moments she fell in love with our beautiful planet earth. She intends to capture all these experiences in her head and on camera, which you can see as a blueprint for her artwork.

Improving the creativity
She started already at a very young age but became a more serious painter when the pandemic swirled through the world. At that point she came to realization that she wanted to invest more in her creativity, besides being busy with modelwork alone. Luckily, she had much more time now! From that moment she started the Online Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute in Georgia. Focusing on all the beauty that nature has to offer. Claude Monet once said: “The richness I achieve comes from nature. The source of my inspiration.” Her aim is to bring the feeling of nature to your home and her deepest desire is living in full harmony, peace and happiness for nature and animals. Joyce her last name is the personification for this; Groen, which means Green in Dutch.

Painting style
Her paintings can be described as realism with abstract, combined with fluid lines and patterns which symbolizes the ultimate feeling of freedom for her. She is focusing with full dedication and emotion on a beautiful colors pallet where unconventional techniques are used. “Creating something with my hands that expresses my pure heart and soul” is her definition of art. During this painting process it feels like meditation and an ultimate moment of relaxation.

Activating the senses
Joyce works from her beautiful tiny studio with an amazing view over Rembrandtpark. An inspiring workplace, where birds are singing on the rhythm of her pencil, you can smell the pleasant scent of the greenery and feel the warming strokes of the sun. Well, the last one is unsure if you know the Dutch weather. All these elements are triggering her senses and the process of creativity towards an artwork. Her future plans? Ideally, that would be owning a collaborative studio/gallery space in the centre of Amsterdam.